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Here you can find out all about tagging and also change details.





Please use this form if you want to inform us of a vehicle you have purchased

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Change of ownership. If a car carrying an Official NASA "Blue Tag" (confirming satisfactory testing of rollcage tube thickness) changes hands, the new owner is responsible for re-registering the tag number to be matched with his / her own Race Number / Licence Number. This can either be done by emailing the details to or by completing the form above

Your Name, Your Email, Your Phone, Your Race No, Your Class,

 Last Owners Name, Last Owners Race No, Last Owners Class No, NASA Tag No

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Please use this form if you want to inform us of a change in your details 

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The form above is to be used to update any changes in your details.

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Cath Taylor
Phone: 07483216012



With the blue tags no longer permitted from the 31st of January. All tags / cars must now be gold tagged with a charge of £20. Unfortunately not getting your car gold & red tagged will result in you not able to race at any Nasa racing venue. 


If you’ve sold your car you need to update the gold tagging register by completing the form & contacting Cath Taylor. You will also need to contact Cath if you’ve brought a new car with a gold tag on it. You can find this on the website: - the first form (top of the page) under tagging.


Please don’t leave booking in your car until the last minute as this may cause youdisappointment. 


NASA tagging team:


Nick Taylor - Midlands - 07887777877

Dave George - East Anglia - 07702506681

Martyn Tinker - North Yorkshire - 07836266692

Paul Meli - South Wales - 


Shane Houlihan - Ireland + 358 87 975 3471

Steve Ford - Southern - 07780458144


Below are additional taggers that do not have a machine on their persons but can still tag when required: 


Ady Taylor 

Heath Luck YD 

Jonny Thompson Scotland 

Phil Peek YD 


Just trained: 

Stephen Heath - East Midlands 

Lee Dodd - North Wales 

Bill Martin - Ireland



Note: if the gold tag is defaced in anyway, for example if it has lost its colour when blasted/dipped, your car will need to be re-tagged at the cost of £20. This is because we won’t be able to tell what colour tag it originally was. 



With effect from Saturday 11th March 2017, note that anyone who races a car that is not tagged AND the Club that allows them to race without a tag will face disciplinary action.



Everybody needs to be aware of the circumstances in which a rollcage tag becomes void and the car will need re-tagging before racing again. These include:

- If any bars in the cage are changed or modified - the tag is void 

- If a cage is removed from one car and put in another car - the tag is void 

- If a car is involved in an accident where any bars are damaged - the tag may be removed by a scrutineer and the car will need re-testing

We have a record of every tag number, who it belongs to and which car it's fitted to. Any abuse of the tagging conditions will contravene the rules on sealing the NASA Members' Handbook, which makes it clear that this will result in disciplinary action.

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