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We’d like to thank all our members and helpers for the safe and successful completion of the 2020 programme of Covid-19 compliant practice/test events. We have now brought the season to a close following the final scheduled events on 25 October. Although some clubs have discussed running additional or reserve dates into the winter, including Nottingham club’s request for a permit to run on 8 November, we have decided to stick with the original end date for the season.


The only reason for this decision is that the board can now enter negotiations with our insurers to obtain rebates for the unused part of the 2020 event insurances. The insurers could not begin to consider rebates until the 2020 programme was closed with no possibility of significant new claims arising. A meeting had already been arranged with our insurance broker on Monday 26 October to start this process and it has been decided not to delay this, as we wish to pass on any rebates we can receive, in the form of credits to clubs, as soon as possible. Providing clubs with this reassurance at a time when they are planning 2021 fixtures is seen as an important factor in helping clubs plan for a return to a “normal” schedule of racing for 2021 and we have prioritised this over extending the 2020 season.


We realise this news will be disappointing for Nottingham, and any other clubs that may have been considering applying for winter dates, and for the drivers who were hoping for the rescheduled date to go ahead, but we hope all our members will understand the reason for the decision, and we look forward to bringing some positive news to clubs and members once the negotiations have been completed.


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NASA UPDATE 13/10/2020

Following todays government announcement of the “three tier” system of local Covid-19 restrictions for England, NASA’s expecting this to give us a greater degree of consistency to work with, and therefore we are reviewing our policy of restricting members in high risk areas from travelling to NASA events. We’ll wait until we can read the actual rules from an official source before we finalise our policy, rather than rely on media reports, but we now have a good idea what to expect. We don’t know how long the new rules will last, and of course we only have two weekends left of this season, but we want to move to a policy that will be more practical for us in the longer term. Our previous policy of excluding everyone living in an area with any local restrictions, was rather overtaken by the multiple different levels of restriction that started to appear.


A couple of weeks ago there were suggestions of England being divided on a “traffic light” basis into red, amber and green areas, which would have been easy for us to follow. In the end the government has raised the bands to a higher level, with nowhere being classed as “low risk”. The lowest tier will be “medium risk”. Tier two, or “high risk” combines some areas that would have been in the “amber” level with others that we’d expected to be “red” – including most of the areas currently subject to limited local restrictions. Then we have tier three, “very high risk” that appears to include only Liverpool, to begin with.


NASA’s proposal is now to rule that nobody living in a tier three area can attend NASA events. That’s likely to agree with government advice against unnecessary travel in or out of these areas, although we must wait and see how the government rules are actually written. Those in tier two are unlikely to be subject to any advice against travel, so subject to how the government rules are written, we’ll permit them to attend NASA events. This may “release” some people who were caught by our previous policy. Anyone in tier one won’t see any change. Of course, everyone attending NASA events, whether their home areas are in tier one or two, will need to observe the strict rules on social distancing and “track and test” compliance that all clubs are enforcing, and which is vital to allow the sport to continue at all.


We’ll confirm this guidance as soon as we’ve had a chance to study the small print in the government guidelines, but we hope to finalise a policy that is still sufficiently cautious, but that won’t excessively restrict our members if, by any chance, these rules are still in place when we resume full competitive events at the beginning of the 2021 season.

NASA UPDATE 06/08/2020

The NASA Directors have continued to monitor the almost daily changes in UK and Irish government guidance, as we tread a delicate line in ensuring that the increasing number of practice events we’re authorising are run as safely as possible in compliance with the guidelines. We’ve been particularly concerned by recent changes and possible further changes in the UK’s quarantine requirements for those returning from countries  previously on the “safe” list. Our sympathies are with any of our members who may have been put in a difficult position by this. At the same time we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone attending a NASA authorised event complies with all the regulations. Therefore we will be amending our guidance to require all clubs hosting events to add an additional declaration to their entry forms: “I confirm that I have not been outside the UK to any country currently subject to UK compulsory quarantine arrangements within the last 14 days”.


Clubs in Southern Ireland have already confirmed they will be asking entrants “have you been outside the island of Ireland in the last 14 days”.


We’re sure everyone will understand the need for these questions, but unfortunately we do need to say that any non-disclosure or false declaration will be treated as a serious disciplinary offence.


We’ve also been reviewing all the feedback from the practice days that have taken place so far. It’s become clear that some members are willing to travel long distances to take part in these early events. We hope that, as more clubs become able to stage events under our guidelines, the need to travel will be reduced. However, for those who need to find overnight accommodation before events, it’s not going to be possible to change the risk assessments we’ve agreed with our insurers, which strictly prohibit any camping directly associated with the event. Any breach of these guidelines will be jeopardising future event permits for the club concerned.


For those who wish to camp, we strongly recommend that you use only registered commercial campsites that have their own approved Covid-19 protocols in place. If anybody does need to make an unscheduled stop en route to an event, we respectfully request that this should be outside a 10 mile radius from the race venue, to minimise any possible impact on, or reaction from, local communities around the venue.


This is just a quick update, as of the 30th June 2020, to let members know where we’ve got to in our plans to allow clubs to restart Autograss action.

Since our last update we’ve been working on our guidance notes for clubs and on a risk assessment template. These have been extensively re-worked over the last couple of weeks to reflect changing government guidance both in the UK and Ireland.


You’ll all be aware of the changes taking effect in England from 4 July, which we’re hoping will also start to be reflected in Scotland and Wales later in July. Ireland moved into the latest phase of its “recovery roadmap” a few days earlier, with Northern Ireland following in a number of respects.

The latest guidance for England still includes limits on “social gatherings” but there are other sections in the guidelines that we consider are open to an interpretation that will allow us to restart events on a restricted scale.


This is our interpretation of the rules, and not everyone will necessarily agree. Therefore it’s vitally important that our proposals are endorsed in particular by our insurers. We’re in the final stages of obtaining their approval for our plans.


 As soon as we have that, we’ll release the documents to all clubs. It will then be the clubs’ responsibility to draw up their own detailed plans to comply with our guidance, consult locally and then confirm to us that they have everything in place to run a safe event in accordance with all NASA and Government guidelines. We know that a lot of clubs and supportive members have already put in work that will ease this process. That will be the final step to getting back in action

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There have been a few questions directed to us by clubs, which we’re sure will be cropping up again and again. These are things we’re sure you’re all asking, although it’s not always proving easy to give the answers you want. A lot depends on what happens between now and the end of the year, and on that we’re keeping positive! 
If a club decides not to race this year, will there be any rebates or relief from their insurance costs? 
It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to answer this until the end of the year, when we know what proportion of our race programme we’ve been able to achieve. We’ve been in regular touch with our insurance brokers, who as ever have been sympathetic and supportive. They’ve been receiving regular updates on the numbers of cancelled meetings to date and we’re sure they’ll do their best for us. However, it’s just too early to predict what this may be. 
If a club, or individual members, don’t race this year, will licences roll over to 2021? 
A key consideration here is that only a proportion of the cost of your membership comes to NASA; a major part of it is your club membership subscription. We’d be reluctant to promise anything that could potentially damage clubs’ chances to retain enough income to survive the year. NASA also, of course, has ongoing expenses to meet. However, we’ll be better placed to take a view on this when we have a more complete picture of the year. 
Any other questions? 
We’re sure many of you will have other things you want to ask us. Just feel free to contact any of us direct, or email the whole board via, or go through your league chairman. We’ll do our best to answer, and if we don’t have the answers at the moment we’ll explain why! 
Keep safe and positive everyone, and we hope to see many of you at the tracks before too long

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The following information for Junior testing should assist you in being prepared for your first race meeting.

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