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VNUK - Important to help safeguard the future of ALL Motorsport in the UK

It has been brought to our attention that this situation is not going away and we have received the following request that as many people as possible act.

This suggestion has come from a sports liability solicitor.

See below:-

If NASA Members,or individual Board members, or Club Officials Club Members - ...wish to write to their MP’s about something other than parties in Whitehall here is a briefing paper on the issue from the MIB.

I would emphasise the cost to motorsport in the UK ( 450M+) & that our current PM when Foreign Secretary in 2017 , advised it should go. Indeed the EU has apparently already acted to rectify the position !

We have created a draft letter for ease all you need to do is fill in the blanks and email to your local MP.

If you wish to add any additional narrative please feel free to.

The more people that do this the better anyone can send the letter….

All club officials have been provided with a copy of the draft letter and documents if you can contact them initially for a copy, or contact us we can email you a copy.

The documents are available to download below.

Kind Regards


Diane Tomkinson


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