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To All members of the National Autograss Sport Association.

Further to our statement issued 30th May 2020.

We previously advised that we were still in discussions with Yorkshire Dales with regards to hosting of the Men’s National Championships.

We did hope that this event could still take place, even at a later date in the year. However, it was not an option for Yorkshire Dales to postpone to a date later this year. The Board have now made the decision to cancel the event this year.

Whilst this might not be the news some people wanted to hear, the Nationals are our most prestigious events in the racing calendar and takes a lot of preparation. The Board does not feel the event would be the event we all want it to be based on the current pandemic.

The Board have therefore awarded Yorkshire Dales the Men’s Nationals in 2021 when we hope our lives are back to some normality and we can all enjoy the event.

In our last statement we also advised that Radford had requested the Ladies & Junior Nationals be postponed to 2021, again like Yorkshire Dales this was not a decision made lightly and the board have therefore agreed to cancel the event this year, and it will be awarded to Radford to host in 2021.

Despite the cancellation of the two National Championships and the  major championship series no longer taking place,  we are working on plans that would enable us to start club racing  once restrictions are lifted to an extent that would make this practical. 

This will not be an easy process and to ensure this is manageable there will be no 2-day meetings in 2020. However, putting appropriate procedures in place that would enable us to authorise one day club meetings (on Sundays, possibly with no camping allowed) is something that we are working towards.

National Autograss is a large community and we must all work together to get through this.

We are all in this together so please continue to look after yourself, your loved ones, and the wider community.


NASA board of directors 


To All members of the National Autograss Sport Association.

Once again we can tell you that NASA are following the guidance and advice issued by the government in these unprecedented times for the Uk and Ireland, any decisions made have been carefully thought about with all of our interests at the forefront of our minds.

Here we are almost at the end of May and our 2020 season has yet to make a start, this season will certainly be one that none of us forget whether we eventually get to race or not.

The board of directors are constantly looking at the guidance along with what seems to be a slow but definite return to some sort of normality. It seems at the moment that big steps are being made on a daily basis with the reopening of many types of retail outlets during the start of June and race circuits opening for track days and events where social distancing is possible.

After our most recent meeting we finalised some guidelines for the commencement of track or venue maintenance and preparation as mentioned in our April statement. Every club and league will have those details if you would like to be involved.

After much deliberation it has also been decided that there will be no Autograss racing before June 30th.

Looking further ahead, even if some sort of racing were to be allowed during July it would be heavily restricted, large steps are being made on a daily basis but there is little information on large groups of people being allowed to happen or people wanting that to happen. Spectators, friends and families make Autograss what it is. With this in mind there will be no 2 day race meetings, large social gatherings or camping at Autograss race meetings before July 31st.

This has been a difficult decision to make and discussions have taken place between NASA, the British Autograss series and the UK Autograss Championships, they will be issuing their own statements during the next few days.

This moment in time NASA are still in talks with Yorkshire Dales Committee about the Men’s National Championships, a decision will be made very soon taking into consideration the government guidelines and the countries hopeful return to normal life.

Radford the hosts of the Ladies & Juniors Nationals have asked for the event to be postponed until 2021.  We thank Radford for the decision that they have made which could not have been easy one but made in the interests of all concerned.

Therefore, further updates on the Nationals will be issued shortly.

Autograss is a very special sport, as we previously mentioned the wide range of members across the UK and Ireland, the different ages catered for, and a true family sport which is very rare.

National Autograss will return stronger with help from its members but the timing must be right and the safety and health of all members is most important.

We are all in this together so please continue to look after yourself, your loved ones and the wider community.


NASA board of directors 

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