With less than two weeks to go until the Ladies and Juniors National Autograss Championships 2019, we take a look back at the exciting H & T Trailers sponsored Mens Nationals, that was sucessfully run by Evesham Autograss Club.

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The Mens Nationals 2019, hosted by Evesham Autograss, certainly was one to remember.


There really was some exciting racing with all the drivers giving it everything they had. The track was surrounded by large crowds of spectators, who were blessed with an unforgettable event.


A big Thank You to all involved and congratulations to all the winners.

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a new champion of champions is crowned

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Photograph by Will Banks ©  

Photographs by Will Banks © 

Pictured above Craig Conway - Photo by Will Banks © 

Craig Conway  (SC1)  had an epic battle with Dan Heath (P56EM), in his class two final to become the Class 2 National Champion. Craig then went on to become the Mens Champion of Champions winner 2019. Congratulations Craig.

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...the success conitinued for scunthorpe autograss

Scunthorpe Autograss had a successful weekend with some big wins. 

Daniel Lodge (SC212) won the class 5 title in his 

red and gold mini pickup. 



Andy Holtby (SC61) became a 5 time National Champion after a successful win in class 7. He managed it despite suffering some damage and many red flags stopping the race when he was leading the pack. 

Photo by Will Banks © 



Craig Conway wasn't the only successful Conway of the weekend. As always Anthony Conway (SC90), showed  a real passion for racing and entertained the fans, gaining him a 2nd place trophy in Class 6. The Class 6 Micra looked stunning and his success contributed to overall fantastic showing for Scunthorpe 

Photo by Will Banks © 

Photo by Will Banks © 


something a little different

Pictured above Darren Grasby - Photo by Will Banks ©

Darren Grasby had a great weekend in his stunning looking Imp winning the  Class 4 National Championship. 


a big weekend for shropshire

Class 6 Battle- Photo by Will Banks 

The Shropshire League got a massive 52 points in the league table with individual drivers bagging some 1st place wins in the finals to become Class 3, Class 6 and Class 8 Champions. They had  a large gathering of supporters who took great delight in super soaking their winning drivers, which provided some great entertainment for the fans. 

Pictured Matt Berisford Class 8 National Champion -  Photo by Will Banks 

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