This class is ideal for those who want to put a 'big' engine in the place of the original. This is a very popular class with a lot of sideways action.

The Class Three care resemble stadium 'hot rods' as they used to be and to a certain degree, still are now.

The car used must be a saloon or hatchback and be rear wheel driver. Any front engined, front wheel drive saloon with a wheel base of 2400mm or more may be converted to front engine - rear wheel drive vehicle.

The engine must be of a minimum of 1421cc capacity. There are unlimited tuning modifications allowed; the engine and/or gearbox need not be original to the vehicle used.

At present, there are many popular choices of car used for this class; both modern and classic vehicles.

Click Here to take a look at the General Saloon rulebook.

Click Here to take a look at the Class Three rulebook.

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