This is one of the ideal classes for beginners to the sport; those who want close racing or are racing to a low budget. This is the only saloon class with which 10 - 16 year olds are able to race the same vehicle in their own category. It's also a class that people with previous racing experience are keen to join.

A complete family often participate in this class with the same car - Dad racing the mens category, mum in the ladies and their son/daughter racing in the junior category.

There are no special tuning/modifications allowed in this class. The engine/gearbox must remain basically standard within strictly enforced minimum and maximum tolerances. This helps to ensure that costs are kept within affordable limits and that there is close racing both at Club and National level.

To ensure that the field is kept as possible, there are a limited amount of vehicles that can be used. At the moment, this includes the classic Mini saloon; Citroen AX; Toyota Yaris or Nissan Micra. The engine and gearbox must be from the same car and using an engine no more than 1000cc capacity.

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